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Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction

Year 3 - What will I learn in this class?



23.0       Basic Technology Competencies

24.0       Use of Technology in Instruction

25.0       Laws and Regulations 

26.0       Electronic Media

27.0       Excellence in the content/subject area 

28.0       Use of content-specific instructional strategies

29.0       Content Standards

30.0       Cross-curriculum Instruction

31.0       Connecting Content to Life Experiences

32.0       Reading and Writing Skills 

33.0       Aligning Goals With Florida’s Academic and Technical Content Standards

34.0       Plan and Deliver Instruction

35.0       Communicate Clear Learning Goals

36.0       Instructional Design and Delivery

37.0       Differentiate Instruction

38.0       Selection of Appropriate Activities

39.0       Using Resources