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Mission Statement

Pine Forest High School administrators, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders will prepare our students at the highest level of rigor for graduation and readiness for post-secondary experiences and/or the workplace. 






Escambia Suite 360 for parents

Social and emotional learning for your child and great tips for you!

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School store is located in the innovation center.

Open before school every day. 

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Positive Behavioral interventions and Support

Capturing Kids' HeartS

Capturing Kids' Hearts is a program, sponsored by the Flippen group, which gives teachers a set of tools and strategies to help create relationships with their students that lead to benefits such as fewer discipline issues and greater student success. Their slogan is, “If you have a child’s heart,  you have his head.” 

Pine Forest High School has been selected as a Capturing Kids' Hearts National Showcase Schools nominee. We are very excited about this nomination and proud of the teachers who continuously work to change the lives of our students.

What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) gives people a new way to think about behavior.  

PBS is based on understanding why problem behaviors occur - the behavior's function.  This approach to behavior can occur on a school-wide level, in a specific setting, classroom or with an individual student.  

PBS is the application of evidence-based strategies and systems to assist schools to increase academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior and establish positive school cultures.  

PBS provides a positive and effective alternative to the traditional methods of discipline.  PBS methods are research-based and proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behaviors in the school, resulting in a more positive school climate and increased academic performance.  

PBS is consistent with the individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which advocates the use of positive behavior interventions and school-based disciplinary strategies that reduce or eliminate the need to use suspension and expulsion as disciplinary options.

(Adopted from the Florida PBIS website)

Core Expectations for PBIS

Donate to our PBIS incentive program!

If you are interested in donating to our schools PBIS incentive program, please feel free to drop off the following types of items in the front office:


1.  Small novelty items 

2.  Candy

3.  Teenage appropriate knick knacks

4.  Food coupons

5.  Low dollar gift cards for use at Wal-mart


We are excited to see the students exhibiting appropriate behaviors and encourage them to continue the good job they are doing.  Please help us to continue rewarding them.


If you decide to donate, please leave us your name/address so that we can show you our appreciation.  If you have any questions about our PBS incentive program, please call the school and ask for Mrs.Harper-Green or Billy Bishop.


pbs pict
Celebration Requirements
  1. A/B Honor Roll
  2. No more than 5 absences
  3. No office referrals

Suggestions for Parents to support PBS

  • Remember to use 5 positives for every 1 negative

  • Set the stage for your student’s success and reward his/her efforts

  • Give clear and specific directions

  • Maintain your composure and always use a calm voice

  • Set reasonable limits for your child

  • Be consistent (“No” means no and “yes” means yes)

  • Set the example and model desired behaviors (Actions truly do speak louder than words)

  • Proactively anticipate situations

  • Have and demonstrate patience with your child

  • Have fun and enjoy your role as a parent

(Adopted from Florida’s PBS Project, USF)

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